Dark rings around penis

Dark spots on your penis are no reason to fret. They're usually harmless unless they change in the way they look over time. Sudden penile dark spots are usually caused by penile melanosis, excess pigmentation following inflammation, pigmented warts caused by sexual contact, and new pigmented moles. Such harmless spots can be treated at home with apple cider vinegar, witch hazel, tea tree oil, and onion juice. Sudden dark spots on your penis freaking you out?
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Dark Ring Around Penis, Dark Ring Around

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Dark Ring Around Penis, Dark Ring Around - LODGING Magazine

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Penile Melanosis

During sexual arousal, the penis can take on a reddish, almost purple color because of the increased blood flow to its blood vessels and glands. But there are other potentially serious reasons why your penis might turn a different color. The causes of penile discoloration can range from a zipper-inflicted bruise to penile cancer, a rare condition that represents less than 1 percent of cancers in U. In some cases, a change in penis color is a sign of a sexually transmitted disease STD or a noncontagious, harmless skin condition. Penile discoloration is almost always a cause for a medical evaluation.
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Penile melanosis is usually a benign or harmless condition. This change in color is known as hyperpigmentation , and it occurs when melanin brown pigment forms deposits in the surface layer of skin. Penile melanosis is also known as penile lentiginosis. The spots or lesions of darker skin can form on the head or shaft of the penis. Other than the dark spots also known as macules , there are no health symptoms associated with penile melanosis.
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