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Sex education in India is one topic that even today attracts a few disapproving glances from grown-ups. But gone are the days when children had zero knowledge or interest in the sexual intimacy between men and women and gone is the time when parents were able to restrict their kids from questioning anything they thought was inappropriate. There is a common thought process that sex education means only talking about sexual intercourse between two people. But that is not the case. It also helps develop an understanding in children about consent and the importance of making informed choices and being confident about them. This would help them manage sexual advances, encourage them to speak up if they are abused sexually and also spreads social awareness by telling them about the right age to have kids, the importance of using protection while having sexual intercourse and the consequences of having children before or outside marriage.
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No need for sex education in schools, it will have negative impact on children: RSS affiliate

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Sex Education in India: Importance, statistics, myths, issues - Careerizma

For the Indian society, sex still remains a matter to be discussed inside the closed doors of bedroom instead of talking about it in public spaces to create more awareness. In the conference, it was understood that for the adolescents and the youth to be able to freely make informed decisions on all matters concerning their sexuality and reproduction, they require comprehensive education on sexuality. Therefore, as a part of their commitments under the ICPD agenda, governments are obliged to provide for free and compulsory comprehensive sexuality education for adolescents and young people. Though the program covers sensitive issues such as body image, violence and abuse, gender and sexuality, STIs, etc, it left out the thing of utmost importance the negotiation and consent required in intimate relationships. The Central government released it in and since then several states have implemented the program with slight variations according to their own requirements.
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Sex Education In India – Why Is It Important For You And Your Child

Sex is not in our culture? People forget we made Kamasutra. Sex is still a topic which people prefer to discuss inside the four walls of the bedroom rather than discussing it openly. Sexuality is a much broader term and encompasses much more than sex. Sex refers to the biological characteristics that define humans as well as the act of sexual intercourse, while sexuality includes sex, gender identities and roles, sexual orientation, eroticism, pleasure, intimacy and reproduction.
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Sex education is defined as a broad program that aims to build a strong foundation for lifelong sexual health by acquiring information and attitudes, beliefs and values about one's identity, relationships, and intimacy. Sexual health is considered to be a state of physical, emotional, mental, and social well-being in relation to sexuality and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity as defined by the WHO. Primarily, during adolescence 10—19 years its provision is a crucial preventative tool, as it is the opportune time when young people experience developmental changes in their physiology and behavior as they enter adulthood. The importance of delivery of sex education in a timely fashion to this significant demographic is emphasized by current statistics that show that almost one in every fifth person on the globe is an adolescent. These figures indicate the importance of specifically addressing the healthcare needs of this considerable demographic, particularly for the developing countries such as India.
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