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Top definition. Salvia Divinorum is a soft-leaved green plant, native to Southern Mexico Became available in the underground psychedelic culture around the world in the early 's. Salvia is unscheduled in the United States meaning it is legal to possess and sell Salvia Divinorum has been added to a list of controlled plants in Australia as of June, Depending on dosage , the Salvia experience can vary from a subtle, just-off-baseline state to a full-blown psychedelic experience.
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Effect of Salvia haematodes on sexual behaviour of male rats.

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Among thousands of Salvia species, Salvia Divinorum is rare specie which is found in remote places in Mexico. Salvia Divinorum has been used by Mazatec Indians for healing and ritual purposes for years. By smoking chewing or chewing the leaves of Salvia Divinorum, one can experience psychoactive sensations produced by it. The effects produced by Salvia Divinorum largely depend on size its dose. If Salvia is taken in small dose, it is known to arouse sexual desires. And in case a large dose of Salvia is taken, the effects produced by the herb are very similar to effects of ayahausca plant which is known to induce holographic experience. According to Mazatec Indians, people used to avoid having sex at least a week prior to having Salvia Divinorum as they believed that mixing Salvia and sex produces better sensations.
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Salvia Divinorum, shortened to just Salvia, is a type of sage and part of the mint family. While this may make it sound harmless, it is actually a potent hallucinogenic. Hailing from South Mexico, the psychedelic was a ceremonious plant among the Mazateca people native to that area, similar to how DMT was used around the Amazon. Given its relative unpopularity, the federal government has not seen it necessary to ban Salvia.
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